How Many Tests Can I Run in a Month?

The number of tests would depend on the plan you choose and the number of variations you would like to test. So for example, the $47 plan allows you to have up to 3 tests running at the same time. Each test with only one variant (that is, what you have right now and the change that you are considering) will need a minimum of 8 days but 2 weeks is recommeneded, with a steady sales volume.

So to answer your question, assuming that conditions are favorable (sales are steady, no listing and inventory issues), then you can ideally run up to 9 tests for 9 different products or variants in a month if you set the minimum number of rotations to 4 when you create your test. 

But again, this is assuming you have steady sales and the variants produce significant results. 

One thing to note, though, is that we do not suggest testing multiple variables for a single ASIN or product at the same time. So if you only have one product, the maximum number of tests that we suggest you doing is 2 in 1 month. But if you had 3 products, then you can run up to 6. 

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