Profit Peak Advanced Settings Guide

Warning! It's best you seek instruction from a member of staff before changing these settings from the default values.  Click here to book a screenshare session!

Optimise For Sales or Profit

Profit Peak can optimise for either sales, profit, or a combination of both. Typically optimising for sales reduces your pricing while optimising for profit increases your pricing, but not always. If you reduce the price too far then customers may begin to think the product is low quality, and therefore may negatively impact your sales. This is why if optimising for maximum sales only it is still important to test a range of prices to see which works. Furthermore, when optimising for profit, the higher profit margin with the higher prices can counter balance a drop in sales (or because of the same reasoning just mentioned, increasing your price can actually increase your sales in some cases), making it difficult to find the optimum price. In any case, you can select what you'd like to optimise for.

As a general rule: optimise for sales if you're trying to rank your products, optimise for profit otherwise.

Standard Deviation

This value represents how big the price jumps are when testing new prices. Profit Peak is always testing new prices, so its best to leave this value quite small. If you'd like Profit Peak to test much higher and much lower prices from your current optimum price, you may increase the standard deviation value.

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