Does Amazon allow A/B tests?

Splitly has been running A/B tests for Amazon sellers for over 1 year and to date (24th April 2017) we have not had a single complaint of an Amazon seller account being banned because of using Splitly.

We have written permission from Amazon to perform A/B tests and they have assured us that seller accounts will not be banned due to changing product details frequently.  Here's the proof.

Furthermore, we also have permission from Amazon to use our Chrome extension as a workaround to extract important data from seller central.  Here's the proof.

We have an active and authorised Amazon developer account, which gives us permission to update products. Amazon are well aware of our service, if they didn't want us to help sellers optimise their products they could easily close our Amazon developer account. 

If Amazon have closed down seller accounts because they were using Splitly, we would likely have lawsuits against us and would have gone out of business rather quickly. Being in business for well over 1 year is a pretty decent test of time and we're still growing strong. Besides, having optimised product listings favours all parties involved. It benefits consumers, sellers and Amazon themselves.

However, it is your responsibility to ensure your product listings are Amazon compliant. Making edits to your product listings in Splitly is no different to making edits inside seller central.

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