Can I trust you with access to my seller account?


We take security very seriously, and takes every possible step in securing your data.

  • Your credentials are encrypted using OpenSSL AES 256-bit encryption (the same level of encryption banks and governments use).
  • Our servers are firewalled.
  • Our staff are forced to use two-factor authentication to prevent social engineered based attacks. 
  • We scan our servers every day for viruses.
  • We apply security updates regularly to address the latest threats. 
  • Your account password is hashed using the one way Bcrypt algorithm.
  • Our website runs behind Cloudflare, acting as an additional firewall.

How we use your data

Firstly it is worth mentioning that your product and sales data are already publicly available from research tools, such as Jungle Scout. Exposing your sales data isn't going to cause any harm to your business because it is already publicly available. That being said, Splitly will never expose your sales data to the public or to any third party. 

However, what is sensitive, are your test results. In line with our terms of service, we do not publish results that identify your product or you as a person/business. Results are unique to your product. The same kind of test on two products often give completely different results.

Only a handful of Splitly staff are actually Amazon sellers. The rest of us come from a technical background. Those who are sellers are forbidden to use your results data to compete against you. The majority of our focus is software for Amazon sellers now anyway. 

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