Why should I split test my products?

The bottom line is that your products are not optimised for maximum sales.

Are you sure your primary image performs best? How do you know your pricing is correct? Maybe you should reduce the price a little bit to increase conversions, without eating into your profit margin. Or maybe you should increase your prices. Unless you test,  you just don't know.

Most sellers play a guessing game when it comes to choosing the image, pricing, keywords, bullets and description. But as you'll soon find out, different images, pricing and copy is very sensitive to how customers resonate with your products, which effects their buying decision.

Amazon are consistently running A/B tests on their website to encourage the most number of sales. Every click that doesn't result in a purchase is a waste. If Amazon are consistently A/B testing their website, then you should also perform A/B tests to ensure you have a fully optimised product listing.

Splitly makes it easy to find the best product listing that encourages customers to buy your products the most, by rotating through different variants, testing each one to see how they perform and finding a winning variant.

Using Splitly, we'll help you increase your conversion rate, sessions and ultimately profit for all of your products using the minimal amount of effort possible. If you aren't A/B testing, your competitors are, and they'll be getting more sales too.

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