How can I add multiple Amazon accounts to the same Splitly account?

Splitly has made it very easy to work with multiple Amazon seller accounts. There are two things you need to do before Splitly can work with multiple seller accounts.

1) MWS Setup

First, visit the  Amazon seller MWS setup page in Splitly. Add your seller accounts (as many as you may have). The instructions are shown on this page and the setup is very simple.

2) Create a master Amazon user

Amazon allows a single user to have access to multiple seller accounts. Our  Chrome extension is our method to extract vital pieces of data from seller accounts, such as sessions, sales and profit on a per day/product basis. Without this data it wouldn't be possible to see which variants are more profitable than others.

Our Chrome extension will loop through your seller accounts you've provided to us in step 1) above, provided that your Amazon seller account login email address has access to them. You'll need to appoint a single master Amazon account which has access to all slave seller accounts. This is done by the following:

Login to one of your seller accounts in seller central. Go to Settings > User Permissions.

Invite a new user to this seller account. The user you should invite should be the master email. You choose one of your seller account emails to be this master email if you like, or use a different email. Whatever email you choose will be the email you use to sign into seller central from now on.

Follow the instructions provided by Amazon to add the user to the seller account. When you grant permissions for the master account, ensure you tick the option for  Business Reports, Sales Summary. Without this permission, it won't be possible to collect the vital pieces of data we need.

Repeat this process for all seller accounts you need linking up to a single Splitly account. Provided that your master account has been granted access to all slave accounts, you will see a dropdown list containing all seller accounts the master account has access too. This is how you can check that you have done it correctly.

Next, you'll need to install our  Chrome extension. This runs in the background, syncing your data over to Splitly. 

To ensure our reporting is up to date - it is important you login to Amazon seller central using your master account using the  Chrome web browser. Each time you login, our Chrome extension has access to fetch your business reports.

Once these steps have been completed, the rest is fully automated, allowing you to seamlessly create Amazon A/B tests without any of the hard lifting.

If you want your privacy...

If you'd like to keep your Amazon seller accounts private from Amazon, skip step 2) above. However, please note that there might be a delay in syncing your data to Splitly. In order to ensure of a successful sync from all of your Amazon seller accounts, you will need to login to each Amazon seller account individually, wait a few minutes for the Chrome extension to sync, then login to a different account to repeat the process.

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