How does Splitly communicate with my Amazon seller account?

We are unfortunately limited by Amazon by quite a few means. In order to perform Amazon A/B tests, we must:

  1. Product Feed: Download a list of your products so we can see which of your products are suitable for testing.
  2. Product Listing Updates: Commit updates to your product listings, such as changing the price, photo or copy on a regular basis.
  3. Sales Data: Download your sales reports, so we can see which variants perform better.

We have two methods to move data in and out of Amazon:

  • Amazon's MWS: this is an application endpoint to automate many tasks within your seller account. Amazon encourages third party developers (such as Splitly) to create applications that enhance the seller and customer experience, MWS is Amazon's answer to help us do exactly that. MWS stands for Merchant Web Services. 
  • Chrome extension: unfortunately, MWS isn't the be all, end all solution to automate A/B tests. There's a few crucial missing bits of data that cannot be accessed through MWS, namely, your sales data. Our Chrome extension is what plugs the gap between Splitly and Amazon, providing you with a fully automated solution to perform A/B tests on Amazon.

The following diagram shows how MWS and our Chrome extension are used to move data in and out of your seller account:

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