How do I use the Chrome extension and what is it for?

Our Chrome extension links Splitly to your Amazon seller account so we can extract sessions and page views data. This is called a synchronisation. Our Chrome extension runs in the background once installed to the Google Chrome web browser, when you are logged into Splitly and Amazon seller central, the Chrome application will fetch reports from seller central and upload them to seller central.

Important note: we have written permission from Amazon customer support that the Chrome extension is not in violation of any of Amazon's policies.  Here's the proof.

Install the extension

First you will need to download, install and use the  Chrome browser. At this moment in time, we do not have a plugin for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera. After installing the Chrome browser, install the Chrome extension.

Login to Splitly and Amazon seller central

This is what authenticates the Chrome extension with both Splitly and seller central.

Click the Chrome extension icon

The Chrome extension will show whether it is authenticated to your Splitly and Amazon seller central account. Your Amazon data will start to sync automatically within a few minutes.

Note: to avoid overloading both Splitly and Amazon seller central with many requests, the Chrome extension is heavily rate limited to safe limits. As such, it might take a few hours for a full initial sync to take place. Please be patient and allow the Chrome extension to fully sync. 

What if I have multiple Amazon Seller Accounts?

If you have multiple Amazon seller accounts, the setup is relatively easy to extract the data from Amazon to Splitly.  Please read here for more information.

What if I use remote desktop (RDP) to login to seller central?

If you're using a remote desktop to login to Amazon seller central, you will need to install the Chrome extension into the Chrome web browser on the remote desktop - because this is what has access to seller central. The instructions above should work exactly the same for your remote desktop. This means you will need to login to Splitly on the remote desktop too and run the Chrome extension from the remote desktop.

What if I use a VPN?

If you use a VPN then this shouldn't cause any problems - so long as the Chrome web browser and Chrome extension are using the VPN, you're logged into both the Splitly website and Amazon seller central then the Chrome extension should perform a sync.

What should I do if the Chrome extension isn't working?

You should watch this video first, then contact our support team for assistance.

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