What does the Sync Product Feed do?

When you sign up to Splitly, we first start to download a list of all your products. This contains data such as your product listings (titles, pricing, images, copy etc), Amazon fees associated with those products and suitability for an A/B test. This can take anywhere from seconds to hours depending on the number of products you have in your seller account. We use Amazon's MWS to download a list of your products.

Note: this is different from syncing using our Chrome extension! The product sync feed fetches your product list whereas the Chrome extension fetches test result data. There is a big difference here. Unfortunately, Amazon's MWS does not give us complete and accurate result data - which is why we use the Chrome extension instead to pull them directly out of seller central. See here for more information about the Chrome extension.

If you update your product listings inside seller central, then it is best to always sync your product feed before starting a new test. This is so we have the most up to date information about your products when we pre-fill variants with that information. 

To sync your product feed, just go to the  products page inside Splitly, and click the Sync Product Feed button.

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