How can I keep track of my Splitly ROI (return on investment)?

Splitly exists to increase top line revenue and profits for our users. If our customers do not see additional revenue in their seller accounts after using Splitly, then we at Splitly have failed.

This is why we have created the revenue difference metric which is displayed inside seller accounts.

An in depth discussion on how this metric is calculated and why it is important can be  found here.

Using this metric, we can calculate Splitly ROI (return on investment):

ROI = ((Monthly Revenue Difference)*(Approximate Profit Margin) - (Splitly Fees))/(Splitly Fees)

Payback = $9,729/month

Approximate Profit Margin = 25%

Splitly Fees = $97/month

So the ROI becomes: ($9,729*0.25 - $97)/$97 =  2400%

The monthly revenue difference in this example comes from a real example from an anonymous user as to how much they are benefitting from using Splitly. They have been using Splitly for a few months across several of their products.

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