What is listing control and why do tests fail?

Having listing control means you are able to edit all the fields for your products, such as:

  • Title
  • Images
  • Bullets/features
  • Images
  • Description
  • Keywords

In order for Splitly to test different fields for your products, Splitly must be able to change those fields. This can only be done if you have listing control for those fields on those products.

Amazon often revoke your listing control for specific fields and products. You can test this in seller central by editing the field and seeing if your product actually updates or not. This is the best way to test if you have listing control or not.

If you run an A/B test on fields for a product which you don't have listing control - the test will fail. We will email you when this happens. If you do not have listing control, Splitly does not have any special privileges to edit those fields.

The solution to this problem is to contact Amazon and see if they are willing to remove the restriction and grant you full listing control. When you have been granted listing control you will be able to resume the test or create and run a new one.

Many users complain about not having listing control over the title. Often the title listing control can be given back to you by contacting Amazon.

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