Quick tips for profit boosting tests

Experiment using 2 variants only. Tests take a longer to complete when you add more variants. Consider running a test using only 2 variants, then run further localised tests around that winner afterwards. The minimum test duration is (number of variants)*7. Every variant will be run on each day of the week at least once.

Create significant, obvious differences between your variants. If your variants are too similar then it will be too difficult to determine a winner. Winners are found faster when variants are very different from each other.
Only vary one field in each test. For example, vary your pricing or your primary image, but not both at the same time.
Enter in your fixed cost correctly. The fixed cost includes manufacturing, shipping and anything else you can think of, excluding Amazon fees!
The best fields to test are: pricing and primary image. These are the most sensitive fields. Other fields can give decent results, but tests can take a long time to complete.
Pick the right goal. Choose profit for testing your prices, choose sessions or conversion rate for anything else. The test will end when we find a winner using your goal.
Don't abort the test prematurely. Let the test run its full course. We'll advise you what to do as the test continues. We will automatically end the test when we find a winner.
Ask for help when you need it. Not sure what to do? Contact us!

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