What should I do if my results are inconclusive?

Inconclusive results mean one thing: the differences in your variants wasn't big enough to cause a difference in consumers spending habits. This happens sometimes. Inconclusive means the minimum statistical significance threshold hasn't been met, meaning we cannot trust results.

This is the nature of A/B testing - we're simply guessing different variations of something, oftentimes our guess turns out to be incorrect. This isn't a bad thing - the lesson here is before you make ANY change to a product listing you should always test it first, to ensure your guess is correct and gives you the desired result.

If you fail, you should keep trying until your failure becomes statistically significant.

If your test results are inconclusive, you need to try more bigger and drastic changes to your variants, ones which effect consumers spending habits. It is very common for inconclusive results on your first few tests, as users slowly ramp up the differences in their variants. However, after an inconclusive result, this should give you more confidence to try something more drastic, in search of a more optimum product listing.

A quick but important note: changing your product listing by A/B testing does not hurt your overall rankings at all.  Please see here for more information.

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