How Many Tests Can I Run in a Month?

This depends on the number of concurrent test slots for your plan. You can view a list of plans, or change your current plan here. Note that changing plans is pro-rated - your current plan expiry date will be converted over to the new plan expiry date using the price difference ratio between the two plans.

A concurrent test is either an A/B test or Profit Peak running on a parent ASIN. Note that we do not include child ASINs in counting the number of running slots, this means you can include all child ASINs in a single test and this will only count towards one test slot. 

Typically A/B tests take anywhere between 1-4 weeks to run (the longer they are run, the more accurate the results will be). To speed A/B tests up you can reduce the statistical significance threshold in the advanced settings, but will sacrifice accuracy of the test.

Profit Peak is designed to be continually run, however, you may turn it off if you wish to free up test slots.

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