How do I use keyword rank tracking?

Keyword rank tracking is a very important metric one should measure for an Amazon business. Customers are looking to buy your products and its your responsibility to ensure they can be found in search results. Typically, higher rankings means more sales and revenue for your business.

Rank tracking provides three main benefits:

  1. Rank tracking shows which keywords are working and which ones aren't for each of your products.
  2. Rank tracking shows you if something bad has happened, and you have slipped in ranking.
  3. Rank tracking helps you to optimise your pricing with Profit Peak, particularly, by using the rank booster feature

To begin rank tracking, visit your Products page and select 'Rank Tracker' next to the product you'd like to begin tracking keywords for. 

Next, enter the keyword you'd like to track for and add the keyword. Splitly will begin monitoring the search position for each of your keywords. The chart will be plotted after a day or so, which will show the historical trend of how your rank and page have changed over time.

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